During Object 2023, product designer Chris Koens is showing three separate projects:

Wunderkammers, TimeLab and Blockheads 


In his Wunderkammers (small display cases), Chris Koens assembles different objects that enter into relationships with each other. By playing with the shape, proportion, texture and color of these utensils, different still lifes are created that evoke associations, stories or memories. One of the objects breaks through the fixed situation of the display case and thus retains its function as a product to be used.


In the interior, the clock has lost its function as the most important indicator of time and thus its central place. With the TimeLab series, Chris Koens aims to give the clock that place again as an object, letting the clear form be determined primarily by the material. In doing so, he creates for himself a playing field for an almost endless series of material and form studies, in which the clock as archetype is central. 


During corona, Chris Koens experiences a slowing down of the ordinary work with its routine and deadlines. He fills the space this brings with something he used to love most as a teenager, sculpting in wood. He finds this old love in the physical labor, the smell of the sometimes still-fresh wood and the search for different forms. To have a foothold, he imposes a restriction on himself. All heads begin with three horizontal saw cuts as a starting point. Working intuitively and creating expressiveness are at the basis of these Blockheads.


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