Build your own boat out of a small plank of wood, thick paper or a plastic bottle.

Attach the motor to the boat and place it in the water. Press the button on the top and watch it go!



As adults we tend to think that playing is for fun. Something we allow children to do when all other tasks are done. But playing is more important than that. Playing is learning. By playing outside children learn the skills they need to fully function as a grown up. Physical skills like running and climbing a tree, but more importantly the social skills like how to make friends, how to win & lose, to fall & stand up, to rely on others or take control of situations yourself.

Huckleberry is a new line of products that invites kids to play outside. Simple tools and toys to start your own outdoor adventure, while experiencing the beauty of nature. Feel the sun on your skin while looking for flowers, and see the beautiful colors of a butterfly or the dragonflies when you test your self-made boat. Huckleberry is about learning by playing together and having outdoor fun!

Let’s go outside!

Huckleberry cares for children and nature. We therefore donate to organizations worldwide that have the same objective.

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